Maintenance & Repairs

Bring your brickwork back to life and help it withstand the elements with our brick and stone services that cater for your buildings exterior. From restoration and repair to general maintenance, we can bring your brick and stonework back to its original condition. Our services include re- pointing, cleaning including graffiti and paint removal, brick and stone replacement to match your existing surfaces, as well as sealant treatments.

Building Maintenance and Repair. Port Talbot, Neath Swansea Area. Bricklaying, Re Pointing, Brick and Stone replacement

Brick and Stone cleaning

From initial viewing of your project, we can assess and recommend the correct procedures to be used in the cleaning process. Many companies recommend sand blasting, water jetting and chemical cleaning which, without having knowledge of the effects and in the wrong hands, can have irreversible results such as dulling of the brickwork, damage to the brick or stone face, staining and scarring. Our experience enables us to apply the best applications using traditional and modern techniques for the project that will provide you with the appearance you are looking for. These include natural cleaning, chemical cleaning, steam cleaning, water jetting and wet abrasive blasting.

Re pointing

The mortar not only keeps your properties structure strong but also helps to keep out moisture. We can carry out minor pointing repairs such as replacing cracked joints as well as large scale works such as replacing all of the loose and receded mortar. Using both traditional and modern applications, materials and techniques, we able able to match your original mortar in both type, colour and appearence.

Brick and Stone replacement and repairs

Cracked bricks due to movement or holes in the walls due to piping being moved not only can be unsightly but also can let in moisture causing damp to enter your building. Incorrect choice of materials and their replacement can also look unsightly and degrade your buildings appearance. Our service not only ensures that the choice of mortar and brick or stone match is correct but also our replacement and repair will leave you with an area that you will find hard to find.

Paint and Graffiti Removal

Using both chemical, steam cleaning and mild wet abrasive blasting, we are able to remove paint and graffiti from brick work, stone work and concrete surfaces in both the private and commercial sectors. We provide these services on both small and large areas and pride ourselves on the results of returning the surface to it’s original condition.


The choice of render on the buildings exterior is not only of personal taste but also can be an ideal solution to covering damaged brickwork or new builds carried out in block. We can carry out render applications using the latest materials including lime renders and brick effect. We welcome enquiries for render applications from all sectors for small or large projects including repairs and removal.

Sealant and Stain Removal

Sealants are a good way of protecting your brick and stone works appearance. We can also provide advice and solutions on stain removal, e.g, red wine from surfaces such as sand stone. Once your brick or stone area has been cleaned and restored, a sealant will also help protect it from weathering and accidents. For more information on sealants, stain sealants, maintenance or any of the above, please contact us for a friendly chat.