Natural Stone Fireplace

There are few decorative elements that set off a home as well as a stone fireplace. It brings an outside, rugged feel to a room that can help to break up the monotony of sterile painted walls. However, few homeowners take advantage of the many uses of stone
throughout their home such as for floors, in the kitchen or even in the bathroom.

Stone, whether smooth, textured or rough, is the very essence of timelessness .

It’s rainbow of colors and textures suits any architectural style and can be a backdrop to showcase   fireplaces, stairs, windows, wood beams and many types of flooring. It can come rough-hewn from a cliff or smooth from the bottom of a stream.

Natural Blue Pennant Stone Fireplace SurroundHere we have a Natural pennant stone fireplace surround. Blue Pennant dressed stone is a natural stone with various colour shades & textures. Its uses include buildings, fireplaces, rockeries, and many landscaping features.